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Om-1215-Fdr Ormus Dew Bach Flower Essence Revival Remedy Dew Drops

Guiding principle: 
Effective in most situations that create stress or anxiety. 

The aims of this flower essence: 
Ingredients:  Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens 

Cherry Plum (prunus cerasifera): Fear of losing control
Clematis (clematis vitalba): Inattention 
Impatiens (impatiens glandulifera): Impatience and irritability
Rock Rose (helianthemum nummularium): Terror or panic 
Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum umbellatum): Shock 

First Aid is a combination of five of the Bach flower essences. It soothes the stress and tensions of everyday life. The First Aid Essence get us back to normal. We can calmly deal with any situation like: after getting bad news, before an exam, when feeling tension, any time you loose balance mentally, stress, job interviews, emergencies. 

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Ormus Dew Bach Flower Agrimony Flower
Essence Dew Drops

Flower Essence Imprinted

INGREDIENTS: Structured Filtered Water,  Agrimony Flower Essence Water, Ormus Dew, Ormus Minerals





OM-1215- FDR-01
1 ounce


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OM-1215-FDR -02
2 ounces


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OM-1215-FDR -04
4 ounces


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OM-1215-FDR -08
8 ounces


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