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ORMUS and Salts

Chapter 8

How to get Ormus into your life today
For those of you who want to know more about ORMUS, ORMUS and salts can be thought of being a life energy. This is because ORMUS elements have beneficial values to all living things. Many of you are familiar with the term "live foods" or "living foods" . Living foods are foods that still contain their life energy. Most foods have a certain amount of life energy when they are harvested, and they tend to lose this energy if they are cooked or processed, or if they spend some time before being consumed.

Similarly, water has this life energy when it comes out of the ground. Most people argue that artesian spring water contains the highest amount of life energy (ORMUS) content of any water available. It is easy to compare and tell the difference between concentrated ORMUS water and regular spring water because the ORMUS water tastes almost oily and thick. It feels very relaxing and hydrating.

The original ORMUS elements are a group of eight metals which include: ruthenium, palladium, rhodium and silver (known as the "light platinum group"), iridium, osmium, gold (known as the "heavy platinum group"), and platinum.
ORMUS elements are chemically reactive in their metallic form. They are relatively good conductors of both electricity and heat. However, these elements are chemically unresponsive in the m-state. They are poor conductors and they behave more like ceramics unlike metals.

The valence electrons ( usually available to form bonds with other atoms) in ORMUS elements are theorized to pair up with each other to form Cooper pairs. Theoretically, Copper pairing reduces the size of individual atoms (clusters of atoms or di-atoms) as electrons are drawn more tightly together. During this activity, the cluster/atom tends to spin more rapidly. In the high spin state, each ORMUS element loses about 44% of its weight. It becomes a tiny, elusive packet of light.

Unlike their metallic form, ORMUS elements are usually not bonded in an interconnected lattice. Their molecular and atomic configurations determine their physical characteristics, not the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus. Since valence electrons are not available for chemical reactions, ORMUS elements tend to be difficult identifying using standard spectroscopic analysis. They are also difficult to quantify which has resulted in controversy over their existence. Despite this, there is evidence of interesting properties exhibited by some ORMUS elements:

1. Antimagnetic (Meissner) field's presence. A Meissner field excludes other magnetic fields (including the Earth's magnetic field), and it causes some elements to levitate.

2. A quantum coherence condition where a group of atoms, rather than as individual units, they respond as one unit.
Some conditions which result to Cooper pairing produce a superconductive condensate that is coherent at the quantum level, which is called a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) after Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose who in 1920s, postulated this state of matter. Their theory was approved in 1995 when BECs were created in the laboratory by Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell who cooled atoms to a millionth of a degree above absolute zero.

Absolute zero is usually the temperature at which all the atomic movement ceases. It is a general acceptance of prerequisite for superconductivity. It has been postulated that the elements ORMUS have an internal temperature almost to absolute zero, which can be explained by the fact that the temperature contained at the vortex's center is much colder than at the Ranque-Hilsch effect (periphery); high velocity as a result of Cooper pairing could induce temperatures that approach absolute zero theoretically. This could explain how ORMUS elements may exhibit superconductive qualities at room temperature.
How to get Ormus into your life today
Meissner field has been hypothesized to exist around each atom or cluster that is cooper-paired. The development of a condensate that is coherent (BEC) would lead to the establishment of a larger Meissner domain possessing a non-polar magnetic field that is capable of repelling a polar magnetic field that is traditional. ORMUS elements are more likely to work in concert with the forces in water in order to bring about the coherent domain that is of the same type that exists in BECs.

ORMUS and water are playful and powerful partners. Water provides a domain that is structured within which ORMUS will stay under one condition. This is as long as it is not exposed to strong to direct sunlight or electromagnetic fields. ORMUS elements also structure water. An ending "structure" results to tiny cages for ORMUS elements to reside. Water can be able hold an abundance of the ORMUS elements within its structure.

Water that is saturated with ORMUS is theoretically a superfluid without any resistance to the energy and information transmission. Animal brains have been found to contain high quantities of ORMUS (particularly iridium and rhodium). This could mean an indication of the significance of the ORMUS elements for effective transmission of signal in living things. Additional of ORMUS into the water can be of high benefits. In addition to helping water to maintain coherent structure, it also provides health benefits. These potential benefits have been known for years amongst a small group of ORMUS enthusiasts.

ORMUS and salts are more prevalent in paramagnetic soils, lava, unprocessed salts, natural springs which bring water to the surface of the Earth, and ocean water. Many foods are thought to naturally concentrate ORMUS (Blue-green algae, Cacao, bee pollen, medicinal mushrooms, bamboo, and many plants which are considered to be Superfoods). However, any plant grown in ORMUS-enriched water/soil may contain more ORMUS. Research demonstrates that plants supplied with ORUMS ( either in the soil or in the water) grow with much vigor, meaning that they are highly resistant to diseases, drought, insects, and cold than plants which grow without supplemental ORMUS.

There are a variety of ways of converting elements to their ORMUS state. This includes adding ORMUS elements to the water in the form of ORMUS and salts and spinning them into a high-spin state. Other methods concentrate ORMUS elements for more therapeutic amounts. One way to get a higher concentration of the ORMUS elements for your garden or in your diet is to use a concentrated ORMUS product. There are many good products on the market.

 How to get Ormus into your life today


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